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Malahit is a crystal that protects because they absorb the negative energy easily! Learn how?

a week ago 0

Malahit is an almost unknown but powerful crystal, and Ines Pautz knows how and on how it works and how it is used. Malachi cleans space or body and from electromagnetic radiation, for example

The law of karma leads it through life - how can Stjepan help you? 0

The law of karma says - if you do not want to be deceived or

Bronchitis and Antibiotics - Look, this can be a bad and dangerous combination! 0

Bronchitis and antibiotics are sometimes the only way to cure, but at the same time

Lose 3 to 7 pounds in 9 days 0

Lose 3 to 7 pounds in a completely natural way without

The Tower of Light - How to Address the Dangers of Human Aggression? 0

The light bulb strengthens the power of your aura and helps you defend yourself

Intuition will save confidence - and you can learn it, here's how! 0

Intuition helps you to be spontaneous and avoid traps yourself


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The heart chakra is associated with anemia, angina pectoris and cardiac infarction! 0

The heart chakra feeds the heart, lungs and the bloodstream system

The chakra of the solar plexus controls the liver, bile, spleen and self-confidence 0

The chakra of the solar plexus manipulation is located in the area of ​​the stomach, a

Sexual Chakra - How to remove blockages due to bad thoughts or actions? 0

Sexual chakra is the center of sexual energy that is powerful

The root chakra - kidney, bladder, tonsillitis, even with partner? 0

The root chakra or muladher, the center of life force, it influences

Psychotherapy for depression - are they better antidepressants or talk? 0

Psychotherapy for depression is not determined in advance, the most important are reactions



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Business Horoscope for Leo - Good with Capricorn and Sagittarius, Bad with Taurus and Scorpio!

a week ago 0

The business horoscope for Lava shows with what people can cooperate, and what a disaster it is! Business Lifestyle Horoscope will help you find out what it is at work and what

Numerology - Calculation of Birth Date Effects: What Does It Mean? 0

Numerology - the calculation of emotional, business and character traits of people born

Numerology - Birth Date Affects Your Character, Work, Future - Check How? 0

Numerology - The date of birth is not random, say numerologists and astrologers,

Horoscope and toys - it's no accident you played with a toy childhood! 0

Horoscope and Toys - Selection shows your character and connected

Astrology of love and emotion for Leo, Virgo, Scales and Scorpions 0

Astrology of love - an emotional horoscope shows who is true, a

A horoscope of spirits vibrating and ruling on your birthday 0

The ghost horoscope will show you the date of birth


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Minerals and vitamins for sugar, Alzheimer's, heart, joints ... How and how much should be taken?

a week ago 0

Minerals and vitamins are the best, the healthiest, the most crazy ..., we listen to it every day in TV commercials. What is the truth? Minerals and vitamins are good nutrition supplements and they use health but safe

Matičnjak and the approved insomnia drugs in Germany are avoided and they do not sin! 0

Matičnjak and will help you, but you will not become an addict.

A heart attack will not be fatal if you recognize these symptoms at a time! 0

Heart attack (heart attack, myocardial infarction) is the number one killer


Emotional intelligence - test shows what your EQ is really like?

1 a month ago 0

Emotional intelligence - the test will answer who has grown to crises? Emotional intelligence - a test like this - can "measure" your behavior in certain situations, and this shows how you work "when

Exiting the body is a deception, the influence of hypnosis or telepathy? 0

Exiting the body explains the media in a variety of ways, so im

The bridges of the sun and moon strongly affect nature, but also man! 0

The eclipses of the Sun and the Moon bring people unexpected physical and spiritual

Do not remember names - do not be afraid, you are not senile! Practice with us: 0

Do not remember the names of people you socialize and work with?

Test character - Are you neurotic or sensible, calm or aggressive? 0

This test has nothing to do with intelligence, so you do not have to be afraid that you will answer incorrectly. Only your emotional reactions are checked, not your thinking ability. For this reason, do not read the evaluation of the answer before solving it, as the test will be meaningless.



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What are mantras and how best to use them for happiness and love, money and work?

2 weeks ago 0

What are mantras that can help us to overcome everyday problems, physical and emotional problems What are mantras - to ask good-humored friends and acquaintances who think that

The moon rises the sea, acts on plants and animals, and what does a man do? 0

The moon has always been the focus of the healer, but today

Moon Calendar - Read Why Should You Buy A New "Alter"? 0

Monthly Calendar: Diet, Hair Cutting, "Monthly" Diet, Dog Care and

Feng Shui Remedies - What To Do If You Lose Energy? 0

Feng shui medications help you restore energy to your home.

Feng Shui disorder will endanger life in your home. How to remove it? 0

Feng shui mess directly affects your social, mental and


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Minerals - watch out, you can make a terrible mistake if you remember them!

2 months ago 0

Minerals have become fashionable, we all drink them without restriction. Read why is it bad? Minerals often lack your body, but

Milk milk is better and healthier than cow! Read why?

5 months ago 0

Milk milk does not have any harmful ingredients, it strengthens and heals, especially the baby Kozja's milk is easier digestive than cow, it is

This is not a test of knowledge, but fill it out so you'll know why you're sick!

6 months ago 0

This is not a test where you will get a rating, but it will teach you

Cucumber for cysts, constipation, diabetes, more beautiful skin!

7 months ago 0

Cucumber is a healing fruit for little who knows! So learn when

Spinach can be dangerous, experts say! Read why?

7 months ago 0

Spinach is not the very best food. Here's how it can hurt you - raw

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